Girls Golf Volunteer at Erin Hills MACC Fund Invitational

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

On Saturday, May 8th members of the Arrowhead girl’s golf team volunteered at the Arrowhead-hosted boys golf tournament at Erin Hills. This event was a fundraiser for the MACC Fund, which fights childhood cancer.


Junior Lauren Peterson who helped coordinate volunteers said, “This is an awesome way to show Arrowhead support through our golf programs and the MACC Fund!” 


About fifteen girls from the Arrowhead girls golf team volunteered for eight hours. 


Volunteers were tasked with spotting shots and helping players find their ball if offline. They were placed on holes nine, ten, and eleven on both tees and greens. Some other volunteers were placed to work more with the main charity on hole nine. 


Sophomore Volunteer Sara Low says, “It was a great experience being able to work with friends and my golf team while at the same time helping out with something for a great cause.”


Per green hit, money was donated and names were signed on a board on hole nine if they hit it. Just over $80,000 was raised for the Mac fund this year.