Anti-Mask Petitions Circulate Wisconsin School Districts

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

Social media groups and petitions have been circulating online created by anti-maskers to remove the school mask mandate.

With the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, many are being vaccinated. 2.53 million people are fully vaccinated in Wisconsin, according to the Our World in Data website. With the recent announcement from the Center of Disease Control stating that if vaccinated one does not need to wear their mask, thousands of parents are taking to their computers to protest their children wearing mandatory masks at school.

A private Facebook group titled “WI schools FREE our children from MASKS” are trying to rally parents from schools in their area with the message, “Would parents and students… be willing to get together and discuss ideas and gather facts to show these school board members? WE NEED TO UNMASK our children!! I really want to get something going and if ANYONE’S willing to work with me on it I would greatly appreciate the help and ideas!!! Thanks in advance!!”

Lisa Sansom, an anti-mask parent, gave a statement to her Sturgeon Bay school board members. 

She posted to Facebook, “Wisconsin is in rebellion against these tone deaf School Boards and Superintendents who can’t make a move without the blessing of teacher’s unions and petty bureaucrats in public health…We need leaders to use common sense and stop just blindly following irrational and harmful dictates from feckless local public health officials, many of whom are under pressure from outside political groups. Unmask the children. Science is on their side. It is our MORAL DUTY to put our children’s mental and emotional health first. They need and deserve a normal life!”

Parents who do not support anti-maskers have been reporting Facebook posts about school board and rally meetings. 

Lindy Lou, a parent who does not support masks, posted to Facebook publicly, “Please stop reporting the AHS board meeting post (or any other post regarding school board meetings). They are allowed!!!”

For summer school at Arrowhead, anti-mask parents have won their battle. 

Laura Myrah sent an email blast out to staff detailing the school board’s decisions on how the summer semester would be carried out, as far as COVID rules and regulations.

She states, “The school board also voted to make masks “recommended” (but not required) for students and staff during summer school.  A key point of rationale for that decision is that everyone who is 12 years old through adult age will have access to vaccinations by then.”