Students Plan for 2021 Summer School


Alex Stahl, Reporter

As the 2020-2021 school year comes to a close, students are beginning to prepare for the summer school courses they signed up for in January and February of 2021.

Summer School begins June 14th and ends July 24th. Students do not have summer schools on Fridays as that is an off day. Students have a vast amount of courses to choose from, both ranging from in person and virtual.. All summer school class options can be found here. Students have up until June 14th to add a summer school course in or cancel a course, as space permits.

Athena McSorley, a junior at Arrowhead, is taking Advanced Algebra this summer. She said, “I’m retaking my Advanced Algebra course to hopefully get a better grade and understanding in the class.”

Students can take summer classes for any number of reasons, ranging from credit recovery or getting ahead on credits for the school year or grade replacement. 

Tommy Schierts, a junior at Arrowhead, is taking Functions this summer. “I’m trying to improve my grade in the class. I didn’t do too well this past year so I want to fix that,” he said.

Some students have schedule conflicts which is why they choose to do summer school.

Jackie Peddie, a junior at Arrowhead said, “I’m taking American problems because I couldn’t fit it into my schedule for next year. I also just love Reichle as a teacher and want to have him one more time before I graduate.”

There are other offerings, such as Wings, Flight, and The College Essay Workshop, that are specific to certain grade levels that are not a part of summer school, but students will receive quarter credits for them. 

Wings is reserved for incoming freshmen and is a three day orientation to Arrowhead.  Flight is an opportunity reserved for rising seniors, which will help seniors prepare for their final year as well as get ready to head to college. The College Essay workshop is another workshop available for seniors, which helps prepare their college essays and make sure that students include all that is needed for a proper essay. Students can sign up for these courses through Skyward Arena Scheduling.

Chloe Simonson, a junior at Arrowhead said, “I’m taking gym, creative writing, college essay workshop, and flight. I’m taking them to get a jumpstart on my school year, and to better prepare myself for college.”