Hannah Berk from Pulitzer Center presents to Creative Writing classes


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

Hannah Berk, the Education Director at the Pulitzer Center, guided Arrowhead’s creative writing students through a workshop on Thursday, 4/15 and Friday, 4/16/2021. 


The Pulitzer Center offers a poetry competition for students. They also offer virtual workshops to prepare students to enter the competition. The deadline for the poetry competition was Saturday, May 15th, 2021.


The requirements for the poetry competition were to write a poem of any form and length that also includes lines from a Pulitzer Center story. Entries needed to include the title of the story, the journalist and a Pulitzer Center reporting project as the epigraph of the story.


The creative writing workshops encouraged students to think about perspective while writing, says English teacher Elizabeth Jorgensen.


“I was so thankful Hannah spoke to my classes,” Jorgensen said. “The presentations were engaging, informative and useful as students worked on their own poems.” 


The first creative writing class workshop was during first and second hours on Thursday 4/15.


The second creative writing class workshop on Thursday 4/15 was during third and fourth hours.


The third creative writing workshop was during seventh and eighth hours. 


The fourth creative writing workshop on Friday 4/16, was during fourth and fifth hours.


Berk joined a Zoom link to be able to guide the students through the creative writing workshop at North Campus.