Phoebe Frentzel Plans on Attending University of St.Thomas


Haley Hazod, Reporter


Senior at Arrowhead High School, Phoebe Frentzel, plans on attending the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. Frentzel will be majoring in Mechanical Engineering. She says she has always planned on going to college.


Although Frentzel is going to school for mechanical engineering, she is not sure what specific position she hopes to achieve. “I haven’t really thought much about what I want to do as a career, but I think I will get a better grasp on my options in the coming years,” said Frentzel.


Since Frentzel committed to play basketball at St. Thomas, it is the only college she applied to. The Women’s Basketball team is in Division One. The team is in the Summit League conference. There are eight freshmen that will be on the team next year. She will be living on campus in the fall.


Frentzel said, “I liked the distance it is away from home. Four and a half hours is close enough that I can get home if I need to quickly, but far enough that I get to be independent. I also love the location of the school in the Twin Cities and it has a lot of connections for post-college opportunities. I also will be playing basketball which is a huge plus.”


Frentzel says she is nervous to start college because it will be an adjustment, however she is excited for the future.


Frentzel’s biggest fear is the workload and living on her own. This is a new experience for her because she will be on her own for a long period of time.


Frentzel says she is comforted since she has been talking to some people who will be at St. Thomas next year. She does know a few people who are coming, but none of them are close friends.