Tryouts for Senior Graduation Speeches

Tryouts for the 2021 graduation speakers will be held at 3:00 pm but will be expected to be there at 2:45 in room 201 at North Campus on May 20th. 


In previous years, two to three graduation seniors are given the opportunity to give up to a three-minute speech at the graduation ceremony. 


Information from the front office includes basic tryout information similar to what was explained above. There is also a list of roughly 16 previous graduation speech titles and the speaker’s names from 2016 to 2020. 


Some of these speeches include Alissa Marie Kuelthau’s “Selfie” (2016), Riley Erin Reed’s “You Are Going to Fail” (2018), Anthony Daniel Polentini’s “Memories” (2020). 


For tryouts, a committee including faculty members, students, and administration will be included in the selection process. Students trying ut will be expected to give their speech as if they were standing at the podium. 


A note sent out by Mr. Wieczorek to applying seniors highlighted that the decision will be made based on theme/focus, clarity of thought, presentation of idea, creativity, technical qualities, and time.


Once the students are chosen, they will be assigned to certain teachers to finalize both the speech and delivery. 


Senior Nora Voght is trying out and says, “I have always loved putting myself out in front of people. I had always been nervous doing it but gave me such a good feeling that I kept doing it. I have taken acting for 5 semesters and taken speech; both of those classes gave me so much joy and adrenaline that I kept taking them/kept finding more opportunities to put myself in front of people. I love it and it terrifies me at the same time. But it’s worth a few scares.”