Arrowhead Welcomes New Staff Member

Seth Ray and Jacoby Cefalu

If you have been in the North Campus library recently, you may have seen a new face greeting you. That new face is Rebecca Van De Laarschot. At semester, she joined the Arrowhead team as a member of the library staff. 

Van De Laarschot is not new to the scene as she attended Arrowhead for three years from her freshman to junior year. Currently, she is a student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has had other jobs in the past such as working at Colectivo Coffee and Urban Outfitters. At home, some hobbies of hers include gardening and a little bit of ceramics. 

With the official title of Library Aide, her daily tasks include checking out books and laptops, organizing books, and helping students navigate the library. 

Van De Laarschot says, “Arrowhead has a sense of familiarity to me which makes working here pretty fun, and definitely easier.”   

She says, “Something I particularly like about Arrowhead is the size, with this many students and activities there is always something going on…there’s a certain hustle and  bustle to it.”

So if you are in need of a good book to read, make sure to take a trip to the library to pick up one of the thousands of books to have available to be rented. If you don’t know what type of book to pick up, ask Van De Laarschot. And while you’re at it, make sure to give her a warm Arrowhead welcome.