Seniors Technologically Prepare for Graduation



The senior class of 2021 will be graduating from Arrowhead High School on June 5th, 2021, but before graduation, there are also tasks to complete.


In an email by Donna Smith, Director of Library Media & Technology at Arrowhead, sent to senior students at Arrowhead, there was a list of four tasks to complete before leaving Arrowhead.  The first: “return Arrowhead materials and clean out lockers,” the second: “pay any fines,” the third: “Create a personal email account,” and the last: “create a copy of Arrowhead school work.”


With the second task of paying any fines, Smith says the front office keeps track of multiple fees which can include: course, food service, textbook, and athletics.


The Arrowhead library keeps track of library book and computer equipment fees. In addition to fees/fines, excess Senior food balances will be automatically transferred to a younger sibling or refunded later in the summer.  Because library materials and fines are separate, students will receive an email if you have missing materials and library fines.


Student fees are collected during summer registration and must be paid in full prior to graduation, and all checks are supposed to be made payable to Arrowhead High School.


Smith also explains the third task of creating a personal email account, stating “if you have online accounts connected to Arrowhead Gmail, change those to your personal Gmail account or you may lose access.”  This is because senior accounts will be deleted by July 1st, 2021.


Students can also download and save any files from Arrowhead servers.  This can be done by accessing LaunchPad, a student resources area, which is found on the Arrowhead website.  After logging in to LaunchPad, students will see an icon that resembles a cloud at the bottom of the screen, where you can download the files you would like to keep.


A tutorial on the “Transfer Google Files” page of Arrowhead’s website can be found which shows how to transfer Google files from a school account to another account, and also what exactly can be copied.


Ethan Damon, a senior at Arrowhead High School, said “I’ll probably transfer some stuff over before my account gets closed, maybe some projects or larger assignments.”