Arrowhead Seniors Review 2021 Prom at Ingleside

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

The 2021 Prom for Arrowhead high school included masks that matched dresses and hand sanitizer in clutches. Prom tickets cost a total of $85 including tax.

Arrowhead juniors and seniors were allowed to go to the event. No guests or significant others from different schools were permitted. 

Held at the Ingleside hotel on May 1st, the theme of the 2021 Prom was Roaring 20s. Decor featured gilded chandeliers, cutouts of flappers and old cars, and edison bulbs in lights. 

Senior Olivia Bartman described the decor:

“I enjoyed the decor. I could tell that there was a lot of effort put into making it fit the roaring 20s theme. I know that the theme was meant for last year’s prom and that it would have worked much better, but I think the staff did a good job.”

Dinner was a choice of three options: pasta, chicken, or salmon. 

Bartman says, “I had the glazed salmon and I was impressed! I had to say ahead of time that I had a gluten intolerance, and I was a little worried that they would be so busy that they forgot my food restrictions. However, the staff took so much care in making sure my food was how I ordered. The waitress was really friendly and made sure that my meal was safe for me.”

In an adjoining room was the dance floor and DJ.

Abby Dambeck, a senior, described her night:

“I had a great time at prom, mostly because of the group of people I went with. I liked the decorations, although they didn’t really match the Roaring 20s theme. One of my favorite parts of the night was the photo booth. The food was average, at best, with small portions, but the tortellini dish that I got was tasty. I liked the lighting in the ballroom, as well, but the music could’ve been better. Most of the music selection was bad TikTok dance songs and old 2000s songs, and not the good ones. I think the dance would have been way more fun with better music that everyone could sing and dance along to. But, even though the night wasn’t perfect, I still had a lot of fun with my friends, and I’m glad we had one.”

Ainsley Betker, a senior, also described her night:

“The decor was very fitting and a conversation piece throughout the night. The ballroom was very inviting and invigorating, made possible by the super hype DJ and his awesome tunes.”