AHS Drama Department Presents: Antigone and Tracks

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Arrowhead’s Drama Department is preparing for their spring play, which is a two part drama, both dramas performed in one night.

The show is being performed May 13-15th, and all the shows begin at 7pm.

The first drama, which is called Antigone, is an adaptation of a Greek Tragedy relating to Oedipus’ daughter, Antigone. 

Marilyn Markano, an English teacher and leader of the Arrowhead Drama Department said, “I have always loved Antigone, but have been looking for years for the right adaptation that an audience will also love.  This one is perfect.  It has an abstract, creative take on a Greek Chorus that I just love.”

The second part of the show is Tracks

Markano said, “This is a modern, existential play that makes us examine the choices we have made along with the consequences that come with those choices.”

There are two ways that you can come see the two-part drama and changes to tickets were made to accommodate Covid-19 safety measures. There are one hundred in person tickets available, which are single and separate seats. There is also a live stream viewing option. Here’s the link to purchase tickets. 

When asked about how plays will be different this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Markano said, “The primary change for us is masking.  Masking makes volume and diction more challenging, so we have added wireless mics to our actors, which adds a new dimension for our stage crew to undertake.  Masking also reduces the ability to show emotion through full facial expressions, so we have had to really work on gesturing, voice,  and body language even more than usual to convey the deep emotions that come with performing two dramas.”

Raquel Strong, a junior at Arrowhead, is playing Tiresias. She said, “I am most excited for viewers to be able to see the similarities and differences of the two shows we are putting on. Antigone is an ancient Greek story, but Tracks is much more modern. Although, these shows have parallel themes and will really engage the audience. Come see the show!”