Football Team Sells 1,200 Bags of Salt in Fundraiser

Lexi Morgan, Reporter


The Arrowhead football team held their semi-annual water softener salt fundraiser. The sale began on March 29th and wrapped on April 12th. 

Customers placed orders online at, and purchased products including a 40 lb bag of salt crystals for $9, or a 40 lb bag of salt pellets for $10. 

On April 24th between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., customers received the salt they purchased contactless delivery at the school. Football players also offered a home delivery service.

Jocelyn Irvine, an organizer in the sale, said this year the team sold 1,200 bags of salt to the community of Hartland. This amounts to around $12,000 in revenue to be used to buy equipment for the players, as Irvine says they have the largest athletic team at Arrowhead.

Irvine says, “With the funds that we raise, we buy equipment such as shoulder pads, helmets, protective equipment, and uniforms.”

Irvine says, “We obtain our salt through AAT Salt, which is a distributor locally here in Milwaukee. They offer us salt at a very low cost.”

The Arrowhead football team will hold another sale this fall. The sale will include softener salt, as well as driveway salt for the upcoming winter season. The sale can be found on the Arrowhead football website and flyers will be up around the school.

Irvine says, “The customers love this service.”