Alyssa Lemay Attending the University of Iowa


Haley Hazod, Reporter


Alyssa Lemay is a senior at Arrowhead High School. She will be attending the University of Iowa in the Fall of 2021. Lemay will be majoring in statistics with a business, industry, government, and research track.


Lemay says she loved the campus when she went to visit. The University of Iowa has a five year master’s program that attracted Lemay. Lemay says she plans on applying to the master’s program. Lemay says she enjoys the variety of career paths she can take from a degree in statistics.


Lemay will be living on campus her freshman year.


She says she is nervous to start college. “I am afraid I will struggle or hate what I am going into as a major,” said Lemay.


Lemay applied to several colleges. She chose the University of Iowa because it had opportunities and a campus life that Lemay loved.


Lemay said, “I have always really loved school and learning new things. So, I have always thought that I would end up in college.”


Lemay has a friend from Arrowhead who is attending the University of Iowa, Katie Rader. Lemay said they made their decisions independently. She has been friends with Rader since third grade. 


Lemay said, “It eases my fear of knowing someone I know really well is there with me.”