Jazz Ensemble Performance

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

On Thursday, March 25, a jazz concert was held at the North Campus Theatre at seven o’clock in the evening.  


Students in the Jazz ensemble and 3 O’clock Jazz have been working and preparing for this performance for the last couple of months. 3 O’clock Jazz group performed three songs, and Jazz ensemble performed five. 


Guests were allowed to attend in-person to see the performance. Masks and social distancing were enforced through the event. 


The performance was live-streamed on YouTube at no cost, and you are able to go back and watch by clicking here.  The performance was just about an hour and twenty minutes long.


A digital program pamphlet was also available to view. In the program, it listed the students in each ensemble and instrument section. In addition, the songs and pieces performed were included. Below are some songs performed by each group.


3 O’clock Jazz: Timbuktu by Bob Turner, Salsa Nueva by Jeff Taylor, Zoot Suit Riot by Steve Perry Arranged by Paul Murtha.

Jazz Enamble: Struttin’ With Some Barbeque by Lillian Nobles and Louis Armstrong Arranged by Alan Baylock.


Each song performed was also explained in the program by a student performer. It explained who the song was composed by and its background. If you are interested in viewing the digital program click here