Cookout for AHS staff from Cafe Arrowhead

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter


On April 23, 2021 Cafe Arrowhead will be hosting a cookout for AHS staff behind South Campus. Service will start at 11 a.m. 


Adam Boldt, an AHS staff member, said, “Cafe Arrowhead provides students with realistic training in the hospitality industry. It has run for more than 20 years and has seen many of it’s alumni gain employment in the hospitality industry directly out of high school.”


Cafe Arrowhead was created by special education teacher John Hough who is now retired. 


At the April 23 cookout, Cafe Arrowhead will be serving hamburgers, chips, soda and cookies at the cookout. Meals can be purchased for $3.50.


Boldt says that Cafe Arrowhead was created to offer job training to students while in high school.


Boldt says that students who work in Cafe Arrowhead gain experience in cooking and serving food for paying customers and this is a great training experience for the students.


Boldt said, “Cafe Arrowhead was created in collaboration with John Hough, the school administration and the school board at the time.” 


He hopes AHS staff will attend the cookout because it will provide them the opportunity to enjoy lunch with each other.


Boldt said, “The cookout was created through collaboration with Cafe Arrowhead and the Arrowhead Way.”