Tale of Two Meatloafs: Principal and School Nurse


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

Gregg Wieczorek, the Arrowhead High school principal and Emily Saewert, the school nurse, have come up with different ways of making meatloaf recipes which can be found in two videos. 


Saewert said, “A Tale of Two Meatloafs is about helping staff members

find healthier cooking options. Mr. Wieczorek and I both created our own healthier version of a meatloaf recipe and then made a video showing how we prepared the recipe. We are always trying to find ways to provide the staff with tips to live a healthier life.”


Wieczorek’s meatloaf recipe video was published on March 15, 2021 and Saewert’s meatloaf recipe video was published on March 16, 2021. 


Saewert put ground beef, ground turkey, an egg, onions, zucchini, carrots and almond flour (instead of bread flour) in her meatloaf recipe. 


Saewert said, “I like to put [meatloaf] in muffin tins so that you get individual pieces. It has a pound of ground beef, a pound of ground turkey. I put the ground beef in a bowl and then I added an egg, onions, shredded carrots and shredded zucchini and almond flour, salt and pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder and paprika.” 


Wieczorek put ground beef, ground pork, eggs, saltine crackers, an onion, an apple, salt and pepper, yellow mustard and minced garlic in his meatloaf recipe. 


Wieczorek said, “I add two pounds of ground pork, four pounds of ground beef, six eggs, a pound and a half of crunched up saltine crackers, one large grated onion, one large grated apple, two teaspoons of salt, one teaspoon of pepper, one tablespoon of yellow mustard per two pouds of meat and one teaspoon of minced garlic.”  


Wieczorek and Saewert both created their own meatloaf recipes in their houses. 


Saewert said, “We decided to create the Tale of Two Meatloafs because we wanted to make a healthier version of a comfort food. Usually meatloaf isn’t that healthy and both Mr. Wieczorek and I have different ways of making our recipes healthier.”