Senior Evan Copp Works at Woodman’s

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Evan Copp is a senior at Arrowhead High School who works at Woodman’s Food Markets in Waukesha. Copp has multiple responsibilities including bagging groceries, pushing carts, and working in maintenance. He has been working there since February 22, 2021.


Copp works about 20-35 hours a week. Not much has changed for Copp’s position since he started, except he has to wear a mask now. Other employees of Woodman’s have to wipe down and clean high-contact surfaces.


Copp used to work at Skyzone in Pewaukee. His mom suggested that he apply at Woodman’s. After considering his options for employment, Copp decided to work at Woodman’s for the benefits and pay.


“It’s definitely not a bad industry to be in; this job has high security in my opinion. That being said, I hope to move on to a more advanced job in my major [and] what I’m going to school for,” said Copp.


Copp enjoys his job most of the time. “Sometimes, we get really busy and there’s not much time for talking and interacting with others, whether it be fellow employees or guests. Other than that, I meet tons of new personalities every day and recognize a few regulars and I find that aspect alone very enjoyable,” said Copp.


Copp does not consider his job fun, although he does say it is essential for the store to run smoothly. “If I had to rate it, I would give it a 4.5 out of 10,” said Copp.


In college Copp plans to have a job. He does not have a set plan for where he will work, but he might have an opportunity with his Stepdad’s company.