St. Patrick’s Day Plans


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

St. Patrick’s Day was Wednesday and Arrowhead students and staff participated in St. Patrick’s Day traditions.


Lexi Morgan, a senior said, “I plan to spend St. Patrick’s Day with my family, maybe a few friends if they are available.” 


Morgan says she and her family sometimes bake some cookies and dress up in green in their house.


Morgan said, “Before COVID, we would go out to dinner at a restaurant and celebrate; but with the virus, we plan on staying in and having a family meal.”


Rebecca Sheperd, an AHS staff member, says that she will be working on St. Patrick’s Day.


Sheperd said, “I have a business as a personal stylist for cabi, llc a fashion company based in California. I will spend that evening presenting cabi’s Spring Fashion Collection to a group of my friends and their friends on cabi’s virtual show platform called Front Row.” 


Sheperd says that she, her friends and their friends will talk socially in their virtual meeting. She will then talk to them about their Virtual Runway Show and after they complete their Virtual Runway Show, they plan to do some online shopping.


Todd Reineking, an AHS school counselor, says that he will spend St. Patrick’s day with his daughter and wife.


Reineking said, “I smoked a corned beef brisket on the smoker and we plan to make reuben sandwiches and cabbage for dinner.” 


Reineking says that he and his family will do their St. Patrick’s day plans around dinner time. Reineking says that he and his family’s St. Patrick’s Day Plans have been their family tradition during the past five years.