Final Buzzer Sounds for Arrowhead Boys Basketball

Jacoby Cefalu and Seth Ray

On Saturday, February 27th, the buzzer rang for the last time for the Warhawks boys basketball team. They suffered a loss to Deforest by a score of 77-69. This loss put Arrowhead’s overall record to 17-10. 

Although the Warhawks will not be appearing in the title game held on March 7th, the team received multiple honors. Senior Sam Hytienen and sophomore Mac Wrecke both earned 1st-Team All Conference Honors. Freshman Bennett Basich earned himself an Honorable Mention after just his first year on the team.

Coach Jim Lavoi won the Assistant Coach of the year award for the Classic 8 Conference. The team also finished the season being regional champs. 

The team was led by senior Hytienen and sophomore Wrecke. Wrecke average just under 25 points per game with shooting 47% from the field and 41% from three. Hytienen had a memorable season too, averaging just under 17 points per game and shooting 43% from the field and averaging 9 rebounds per game.

Head Coach, Craig Haase, says, “Covid certainly had an effect on the season as all players and coaches had to wear masks at all times in practice and games making it extremely more difficult to communicate with one another and to breath while playing.”

Haase also says it was a great team effort, saying, “We played extremely well and had a lot of players step up and play well including Jake Davis, Jackson Raasch, Mac Wrecke, Blake Ewer, Jordan Leoni, Zach Graham, and Bennett Basich.”

While the Warhawks didn’t end the season they wanted, they played great team basketball and had many individual  accomplishments that they are proud of. As for next season, the team will look for the returning varsity players and underclassmen to bring the team back to previous success.