Senior Cap & Gowns Pick Up Day Approaches

Senior Cap & Gowns Pick Up Day Approaches

On Thursday, February 25th, 2021, Tracy MacDonald, Administrative Secretary at Arrowhead High School, sent out an email stating “Jostens will be at Arrowhead North Campus on Thursday, March 11 between 8:00 – 12:00 to distribute the cap and gowns.”  They will be located in the North Campus commons.


Caps and gowns were priced at $83.93 for cap and gown C (includes cap and gown unit, mascot tassel and choice of tassel), $149.87 for cap and gown B (includes all of C plus choice of hoodie and 2021 key ring) and $185.82 for cap and Gown A (includes all of B plus choice of sweatpants).  If you still need to order your cap and gown, you can call Josten’s at 262-706-3331 or go to their website at  Personal checks will not be accepted as payment.


Students will need to turn in their graduation ceremony commitment agreement with a student and parent signature when they pick up their cap and gown.  Students will not receive their order without turning this agreement sheet in.


The “Commitment Agreement Form” states graduation is a formal ceremony and dress clothes will be worn under the graduation gown.  Along with this dress, shoes will be worn and the gown will not be tampered with.


This document also explains appropriate behavior for the ceremony, stating that students will remain silent throughout the ceremony and show proper respect and dignity to all speakers and programs, no inappropriate fun makers and no senior pranks.


In MacDonald’s email, the graduation letter states that because of COVID-19, Arrowhead is currently planning for one of three different graduation scenarios.  The first option would be to have a normal ceremony, the second would be where graduation took place over a number of days, and a third would be a hybrid where the scenario would be located in the stadium with restricted seating, allowing seniors to have four tickets each to assigned seats.  Arrowhead states that they will release more information as the ceremony comes closer.


Students do not need to attend the ceremony in order to receive their diploma.  Students can also pick up their diploma at Arrowhead on June 8, 9 or 10, from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


Seniors interested in giving a speech at graduation can also register in the high

school office starting May 1st.  Tryouts for speeches will be on May 20th at 2:45 p.m in North Campus Room 201.


The graduation letter attached to MacDonald’s email states in its last paragraph, “we would like to personally congratulate graduates and parents and express our sincere appreciation on behalf of our faculty for your help in what we believe is an educational partnership. Everyone wants the graduation to be a pleasant and memorable time. With the cooperation of the graduates, parents, and the school, the 2021 graduation ceremony will be an event of which we all can be proud.”


Ethan Damon, a senior at Arrowhead High School and presumably a graduate for the 2021 school year, states “I have all of my stuff filled out and ready for the ceremony.  I plan on participating in the ceremony if it does happen.”