AHS Welcomes New South Campus Greeter

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

Rebecca Sheperd is the new South Campus Greeter. 


Shepherd said, “I enjoy customer service and the ability to help people and most especially in a fast paced environment.” 


Shepherd said she found out about the South Campus Greeter position on an internal job posting within the Arrowhead Schools District.


Shepherd said, “The Greeter position allows me to support the school in a variety of ways.”


She said she applied for the position without hesitation. 


Sheperd said, “I worked alongside the person leaving the position during lunch periods, which gave me some insight into the role. This helped me to decide that I would like the work and could be a helpful contributor.”


Shepherd says she likes the flexibility that comes with the South Campus Greeter position and working while her daughter is at school.


Sheperd says she also enjoys being off work when the school has days off.


Sheperd said, “Since I own a business that requires more evening hours, I have time during the day to work.” 


Sheperd says the Greeter role fits well with her schedule and still lets her grow her business without conflict. 


Sheperd said, “Knowing the hours fit, that I was well suited for the role and that I enjoy customer service, it wasn’t difficult to help AHS in this way.”