Magnetic hearts sold for Valentine’s Day


Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

Warhawk Manufacturing students saw the opportunity to sell a product that reflected Valentine’s Day, they will do the same for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. 


Warhawk Manufacturing will also have a spring sale that will be launched during the next few weeks. 


The week before Valentine’s Day Warhawk Manufacturing sold the magnetic hearts that they created in-person during lunch and on Etsy to the public. The magnetic hearts that they created were sold for 3.00 dollars each. The days that Warhawk Manufacturing sold the magnetic hearts during lunch were on February 10th-February 11th.


Warhawk Manufacturing is about a student-run business that allows students to obtain real work experience and at the end of the year the students in Warhawk Manufacturing will receive manufacturing scholarships for their future education. 


Anthony Christian an AHS staff member said, “This is the second year that we are in business. The Warhawk Manufacturing students designed, cut them on the CNC and finished them by hand.”


AHS staff members Anthony Christian, Jeff Luetshcwager and Paul Brester created Warhawk Manufacturing. 


The Manufacturing Experience Coordinator is Anthony Christian. 


The Warhawk Manufacturing students created the magnetic hearts that were sold before Valentine’s Day and juniors and seniors are able to sign up for Warhawk Manufacturing.  Warhawk Manufacturing created magnetic hearts for Valentine’s Day because it would help celebrate the holiday.