2021 State Testing Updates

2021 State Testing Updates

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

Exams and tests required by the state of Wisconsin are coming up. 


An email was sent out on February third, to staff by Learning Director, Sue Casetta regarding this year’s state testing updates. The email included a link that listed information about each of the different state tests. Information about the ACT, ACT Aspire, Wisconsin Forward Exam, and AP Exams were all included in the linked document. 


Junior Hannah Judge says, “There is a lot to prepare for this upcoming month, with ACT’s, and AP exams. Now more than ever is a really good time to get organized and prepared for these major tests.” 


The ACT will be held Tuesday, March 9th at North Campus. This test will be taken by all juniors and registration for the ACT will be on Tuesday, March 2nd at the beginning of the school day. An important thing for juniors to take note of is that both registration and taking the test are required to be done in person, with that being said, social distancing will be done to the best of the proctor’s ability, and masks are expected to be worn during testing.  


Junior Nick Catania says, “I do not look forward to all of these exams on top of all the school work and studying I have to do. I really need to be sure to stay focused and organized.” 


ACT Aspire is an assessment required by the state for freshmen and sophomores. Freshman students testing day is April 14/15 and sophomore student’s testing day is April 12/13. Much like the ACT, this test will also be conducted in person. 


Wisconsin Forward Exam is another state-required test but only for sophomore students. This test will be taken in student’s social studies classes on either May 3rd and 4th or 10th and 11th. Once again, will be taken in person. 


Finally, AP Exams will be held May 3-20. More information will come out as the date approaches. AP Exams are for students enrolled in AP classes and should be on campus in class on their testing day(s). 


Senior Morgan Oestrich says, “I feel stressed. I have a lot of AP exams coming up which is a lot of material to go over and study.” 


To prepare for these tests and exams it is important to get organized. Go over past materials, readings, and homework. Another great resource is online practice tests to help you prepare for the ACT.