Morgan Reed Works at The Chocolate Factory


Haley Hazod, Reporter

Morgan Reed is a senior at Arrowhead High School. Reed has been working at The Chocolate Factory in Pewaukee since 2016. The Chocolate Factory is a sub and ice cream shop. Reed’s responsibilities include providing customer service, cashiering, making subs, scooping ice cream, and cleaning. Currently Reed says she works eight hours a week.


COVID-19 has changed many things for Reed at work. The sub shop has made a variety of changes to keep their business going such as opening a take-out window, take-out, and limited seating.


In addition, there is now plastic in front of the counters to separate the customers from workers. The way customers are given their food and drinks have been changed. Ice cream samples are no longer allowed. “Ever since Covid, things have been constantly changing,” said Reed.


Reed said she would work at The Chocolate Factory after high school, although she prefers not to. Reed said, “I would like to find a job where I can get my foot in the door to a medical facility and gain patient contacts.”


Reed enjoys working in the summer when The Chocolate Factory is busier. Although it gets hectic, she enjoys helping the variety of people throughout her day. “I also overall just enjoy interacting with the other employees and customers. We have a great group of employees at The Chocolate Factory. I have made quite a few friends!”


Reed recommends trying her favorite two subs the Southwest BLT and Phoenix. The most popular flavor of ice cream is Oh My Goodness.