What Do You Hope for Most in 2021 – Kaitlyn Courtney, Junior

Student Written Pieces

As I was scanning through the article that was written for the question: What Do You Hope for Most in 2021?, plenty of thoughts circled through my mind. Many people have already planned out their year and thought-out their goals… but for me, I just can’t seem to put my mind to it. More so, my heart instead of my mind. I started out my 2020 very strongly with many goals, but then after a month or so, it all went to shambles for me. From my grandfather’s passing, to Covid, to not being able to attend school, and not allowed to play my favorite sports or see my friends… many of my goals have been redirected. For this reason, I’ve been extremely hesitant to put any expectations into this new year.


Fortunately, reading this article has relieved a lot of my stress. I was able to relate to some of the people featured in the article and how they are going into 2021. During an interview with The New York Times, the comedian Tobyn Schall joked saying, “I am keeping the bar so low.” She said laughing,“No goals, Just one day at a time.” Honestly, I am pleased to hear that I’m not alone with my feelings. Yet, the author of this section within the article, Christina Caron, wrote influential words ending the paragraph. She wrote, “writing out one or two specific, small and attainable goals can help develop confidence and a sense of pride, improving your well-being.” I desperately needed to hear this. That one sentence changed the entire meaning of the piece. It gave a lesson–that we should always think about our goals because it will eventually help us in the long run, making us more successful.


Usually when I read, I forget about it within minutes. But, this is one of the writings that has actually stuck with me. Motivation. One word that I have taken away from what I’ve read. I am now ready to start writing some goals down. They don’t have to be major, life-changing accomplishments. I am willing to focus on the little things before moving on to bigger and better. I’ve also realized that I shouldn’t dwell on the past and let 2020 affect how I carry myself throughout the rest of my life. Sure, I learned valuable lessons, but I am ready to move on and grow this new year.