Arrowhead Students Work During Pandemic

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Arrowhead High School seniors are working through the pandemic at various types of jobs: Charles Kellogg works at Wilde Dodge and Olivia Bartman works at Oconomowoc Public Library.


Kellogg is currently working at the Wilde Dodge car dealership in Waukesha. Kellogg works as a lube technician in addition to helping out with small tech work. Some things he does are replacing headlights, replacing tires, and doing oil changes. There are other workers that complete the more difficult jobs.


Kellogg said, “I work with six guys or more usually, and are constantly working together working on a large range of cars and coming together to solve problems we would encounter.”


Kellogg works at least 16 hours to 30 hours a week during the school year. At the dealership, the employees are required to wear masks all the time and gloves when driving a customer vehicle.


After high school Kellogg plans to attend WCTC. “My plan probably is to go to WCTC because my job will pay for all my schooling and guarantee a job right out of school,” said Kellogg.


Bartman works as a page at the Oconomowoc Public Library. Her responsibilities are to keep the library clean and organized by alphabetizing and reshelving the books. In addition to that she completes projects for the circulation and reference staff.

Bartman works about nine hours a week. She has to wear a mask and social distance when possible. The library staff disinfects surfaces more and reminds customers to wear masks when possible. Bartman said, “We also now have a pickup option, so people can check out their books online and a staff member will take them out to their car.”


After high school Bartman would consider working at a library because it is a relaxing job. Bartman says she enjoys the flexibility and independence of her job. “It’s nice to be able to just work by myself and listen to music instead of having to constantly rush around to serve customers like I had to at my old job,” said Bartman.