Arrowheads Drama Club: It’s a Wonderful Life

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

This year Arrowhead’s drama club is putting on It’s a Wonderful Life as the winter play. This year’s play is a radio show. A radio show is where all sound effects will be live and performed on stage. This includes knocking, footsteps, and thunder the audience will be able to see. This year there will also be a live piano player. 


In previous years, many could gather in the auditorium to watch the play, however with Covid-19 restrictions, this year there will be limited seating. Only 100 tickets are given out per in-person show to family and friends of the actors. There will also be an online live stream for anyone to watch in their home. Tickets are ten dollars, if chosen to watch the Livestream it is ten dollars per household. 


Students performing on stage will be socially distanced with microphones and chairs will be in the background. Actors will be playing multiple roles and the audience will be able to see the same students play different characters. 


Tickets will be ten dollars and can be purchased at Or can be found in a link on the AHS homepage. They can also be purchased at the doors if there are seats available. If you choose to watch from home via Livestream, once the ticket is purchased and you include your email, the video link will be sent to you one to two days before the performance. 


Below is this year’s Cast List For It’s a Wonderful Life 


Junior Araque Stefan Gamino Wade Lindmark
Alexandra Cluka Shawn Gregg II Annie MacLean
Abigail Craven Samuel Harkavy Emily Mattson
Lucy Duchac Eden Harrison Ali McCloud
Ryanne Farris Charlie Hutchinson Jack Newman
Austin Featherstone Rebecca Keating Claire Olver
Aidan Folvag Alex Koeppen Ben St. Martin
Caroline Frost Noah Krause Laynie Walloch