Seniors Win Regional Art Awards

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Arrowhead seniors Morgan Fischer and Brynne Hill have won the highest honors at the Regional Scholastic Art competition. Now, Fischer and Hill will be moving on to the national competition.


Fischer has been creating art her whole life. Her mom always had craft supplies for her. Fischer said her best skill and main focus right now is painting. She does spend time creating pieces with oil pastels and drawing. 


It’s very cathartic to create and kind of let your thoughts wander freely,” Fischer said.


Fischer’s great grandfather is one of her inspirations. Although she did not get to meet him, she heard stories from her dad about him and the art he created. The biggest cheerleader in Fischer’s life has been her mom. She said her mom is her best friend and supportive of her.


Fischer said, “If I had to make a new piece for nationals, I might create something around my mom, but for now I’m pretty happy with the piece that went through regionals.”


After high school, Fischer will be attending MAID (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design). She plans on majoring in Studio Art and might minor in psychology. She hopes to be an art therapist.


Hill has been creating art since she was a little kid. She would scribble on everything except for walls. In fourth grade, Hill started to gain more interest in art because her art teacher pushed her to.


Hill enjoys the creative part of art and how it allows her to express herself when she cannot put her feelings into words. Also, she enjoys the connection her art has to other people and how it has left an impact on them.


“Through art I can learn more about myself and the people around me and also capture the world through either my own perspective or the perspective of others—which I hope teaches the audience a bit about their environment and themselves, just like it does me,” said Hill.


Graphite and charcoal are Hill’s best skill for creating art. She also enjoys using other mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, clay, and ink.


Hill said, “My family and friends are always very supportive of my interest in art! I am very grateful for them, especially for their willingness to be references for my art, no matter how silly the position.”

Even though Hill does not have to create another piece for nationals, she said if she did create another piece it would be from her A.P. portfolio.


“In this portfolio, I want my work to form a bridge between the subject matter and the viewers—evoking compassion and empathy from the audience and having them reflect on what it means to be a human being,” said Hill.


Hill plans to attend college, and she is keeping her doors open for her future plans. In addition, Hill recommends that anyone with an interest in art try out the classes at Arrowhead.