Seniors Look Ahead to Their Future

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

Arrowhead seniors are close to graduating on June 4th and moving on with their futures. 

With Coronavirus upheaving the traditional style of teaching and attending classes, most of Arrowhead’s senior class of 2021 is ready for a fresh start at college. Many have applied to in-state colleges, others out of state and across the country. 

Ainsley Betker, a senior weighing her options, has been accepted at Eau Claire and Minnesota and was deferred, a process where the application is pushed into a second round of review, at Madison. Even with these promising choices, she is still thinking about applying to a few other schools.

Currently a cashier at Pick N’ Save, Betker hopes to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. She’s looking forward to majoring in communication sciences and disorders with “maybe” a minor in Spanish.

Madison Kane has been accepted into UW Milwaukee and Iowa State. Originally intending to pursue a degree in design focusing on architecture, she is now “on the fence” about it. She’s worried she might not be able to see herself with that career for the rest of her life, so any other classes she might take could send her on a new path. Both of her schools offer a wide variety of design majors for her to change her mind, so she’s keeping her future plans in her back pocket.

Kane works as a lifeguard and swim instructor, but hopes to be a future architect. However, if she falls out of love with that career, an industrial designer, graphic designer, or biomedical illustrator are a few of her backups. 

Kane says, “I want to work in design because it is something that I’m good at, can pay well and I feel that I will not only succeed but actually enjoy my career which is of importance to me.”

Abby Dambeck, a student sticking close to home, is looking forward to attending Waukesha County Technical College to pursue graphic design. She says, “I’ve taken lots of digital art classes and have realized that this is what I love to do!” 

Dambeck currently works at Walgreens, which she says, “doesn’t have anything to do with graphic design, but I’m gaining important knowledge that will help me in the long run.”

As far as her future goes, she hopes to live in the city doing digital design and marketing.

Dambeck says, “I look forward to getting out of high school and starting my independent future!”