AHS Staff Wait to Receive Covid Vaccinations

Lexi Morgan

The Arrowhead health room staff have been vaccinated, and Arrowhead has approved for special education aides, teachers, and associated staff to receive the vaccine.

Moderna and Pfizer have created different combatants that are 95% effective after receiving two doses. 

Since making the vaccine, health care providers have been administering the vaccine to essential workers, such as law enforcement, firefighters, and other healthcare workers. Thousands of vaccines have been administered, and it is ready for the public to be included. Those top of the list include people who are immunocompromised and elderly.

At Arrowhead, staff was concerned about the availability of vaccines and when they would receive theirs. Some thought Arrowhead would provide the vaccine and the health room nurses would administer it.

Laura Myrah, Arrowhead’s Superintendent, sent out an email attempting to ease minds. She stated, “Vaccinations will NOT come through schools…Schools are NOT qualified to apply to receive and give vaccinations; Arrowhead/other schools will not be vaccine distribution sites, at least for the foreseeable future, according to our health department.”

If teachers and staff wish to be vaccinated, they are to register at a health care center for their shot.

As far as requirements for the vaccine, Myrah says, “Arrowhead will not require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19, unless a law or other requirement is imposed upon us to do so.”

Both Covid-19 vaccines require two doses, roughly a month apart. Health officials say that side effects from the second dose are likely to be more vigorous.

A plan from state officials in Wisconsin has emphasized teachers to be marked as essential workers in order to get the next round of COVID vaccines. This would make nearly half of Wisconsin’s adult population eligible for the shot amid a limited supply of them. The plan was approved Thursday, January 21st.