First Semester Finals

Audrey Grindatti

Like so many things this year being altered for covid, Arrowhead students also experienced some changes to the usual end-of-semester exams. Finals week just ended and a new semester has begun, this year finals started on Wednesday, January thirteenth, and went through Friday the fifteenth. 


Like most years, the days were shortened with three classes per day, starting at 7:30 and going to 10:50. Students were allowed to arrive late or leave early depending on the class schedule, this gave students flexibility within their day. 


With there being both in-person and virtual students this year, it wasn’t as simple for teachers to give finals as it had been in the past. Rather than everyone getting to their seat and receiving a paper copy or scantron exam, some teachers created online tests accessible to both online and in-person students, while others made paper copy tests as well as online versions. 


Another change to finals this year was the weight of the test. Almost all exams were weighted at 15%, and language at 20%. This year teachers were given the option to lower the weight to 10% if they desired. 


Social Studies teacher, Ron Reichle said this about exams, This past semester was very different and a lot less demanding.  I gave unit tests and no finals in my sophomore classes, but I felt I had to give my AP people a real final because I need to prepare them (you) for the actual high stakes, not changing AP test in May.”