AHS Choir Releases Virtual Holiday Arrangements

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

The Arrowhead Choir Ensemble has used the virtual features of 2020 for good. 

Using recorded videos of students singing their respective parts to Christmas songs, music teachers Gustavo Chaviano and Grace Beilski hired an outside source to weave together all of their students’ voices into a virtual concert. Each student is displayed, earbuds in place, singing from home. 

Webbed together are the North Choir, South Select Choir, Treble Choir, and Baritone Chorale, coming together to sing Christmas songs to get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Each choir has several songs posted and available for viewing on the Arrowhead Choir Facebook page @arrowheadschoirs. Broadway Company made an appearance with “Mary Did You Know,” North Choir sang “Out of the Orient Crystal Skies,” the North Choir’s women sang “That’s Christmas to Me,” while the men sang “Feliz Navidad.”

South Select Choir sang “Please Come Home For Christmas” and “Sleigh Bells.” The Baritone Chorale sang “Come A-Caroling,” and the Treble Choir sang “Underneath the Tree.”

Kate Beiler, an Arrowhead Junior in the North Choir, says, “Filming from home was super awkward because I did not have a way to prop up my phone properly at the height I needed it.  There were a lot of things to consider like: lighting, angle, solid background, attire, headphones listening to the recording on another device.” 

Men in choir were required to wear black dress shirt with a red tie, and women black dresses. They were told to show emotion as they sang to brighten up the virtual performance, however some students said they were too focused on hitting the right note to express themselves.

Beiler says, “Most people, including me, forgot to show any emotion so we looked high, sad, and angry.  That made the video depressing.”

There are comments under the posted videos on Facebook. Parents and teachers have commented and complimented the students for their voices and performance. 

Michele Frost wrote, “Wonderful job making this work and bringing these voices to us virtually!!!!! Thank u!”

Kutzie Kutz wrote, “Wow, this is an amazing achievement for the choral directors, technical and sound support and all of these very talented students. I hope to attend a concert in person when CORONA is under control. Congratulations on your production!”

Haley Griffin wrote, “WOW! Grace Wheeldon Bielski and Gustavo Chaviano they are AMAZING!”