Incoming Freshman Orientation Now Virtual

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

Due to COVID-19, this year has been different for both staff and students. Much like the changes made to this school year, there will be changes made to the freshman orientation.


In an email, Activities Assistant Liz Arsnow said changes have been made to this year’s freshman orientation. Rather than being held in person as is usually done, this year’s incoming freshman orientation will be held virtually on January 20th. 


Clubs not typically included in the gym for freshman orientation will be included in the online presentation. This includes clubs such as language and music clubs. 


Teacher advisors were asked to create a video, information sheet, and Google form for the virtual freshman orientation.


The email also stated that students involved in the club could make the videos rather than the teacher. The videos or informational sheets will be included in the video presentation, for new students and families to view. Also, these informational videos will be put on each of the club’s website, so that students and parents can view them at any time over the year. 


Junior Cara Wellentin says, “I feel like it would be harder for incoming students to truly be able to see and understand what the club and their freshman year is really going to be about. Although I think that the changes made for this year specifically is a great compromise.”