AHS Associate Principal Paradowski Named 2020 NASSP

Haley Hazod, Reporter

Arrowhead’s Associate Principal, Debra Paradowski, was named 2020 National Assistant Principal of the Year.


At Arrowhead High School, Paradowski has created programs for students to feel more welcome, more leadership activities and clubs, and worked to improve the environment overall at Arrowhead.


Paradowksi said, “I remember the call I received and was near speechless, which is hard for me. It is such an honor to be recognized amongst all the deserving and respected administrators.”


In addition to the award and honor, Paradowski received a $1,000 grant for projects for student ideas. So far the money has been given to Students Leaving A Mark (SLAM) to help fund their plans to improve school culture and climate. 


“Student leaders that have ideas should contact me to develop them,” said Paradowksi.


Senior Olivia Bartman said, “She is committed to helping any student who needs help and always has a smile on her face.  She’s a very positive person who really tries to make a difference in her students’ lives. Ms. Paradowski definitely deserves this award.  She always supports the students and works hard to improve the school.”


The National Ceremony for the award was virtual and Paradowski did not get to fly to D.C. for it. Paradowski said, “There were many award ceremonies. I was fortunate to attend 2 of them that took place in person.”


“Up until this award, I would run from the cameras and shy away from public recognition. Being recognized at the National level has pushed me out of my comfort zone and continues to challenge me to grow within the profession,” Paradowski said.


Paradowski says she is inspired by the teachers at Arrowhead and their effort put into making this year the best it can be. When she feels down, Paradowski says she will visit classrooms to renew herself.


Paradowski said, “Although this year has brought many challenges our teachers continue to crush it!”