Hottest Gifts for Teenagers

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

With Christmas right around the corner, families and friends are scrambling to get the last of their presents for people close to them. 

Covid-19 has halted many businesses from sending out packages for UPS and FedEx to ship, causing the businesses to become overwhelmed with orders. These shipping companies are denying certain businesses, such as Macy’s and Nike among others, from delivering packages people have ordered because of the large amount. Companies are urging people to order their gifts several weeks in advance to get their gifts before Christmas.

Because of this, many people have ordered their presents ahead of time, months in advance. But if you’re still looking for a gift, there are some hot gifts that might be on their list.

Good Housekeeping is a magazine that by its own definition specializes in “articles about women’s interests, product testing by The Good Housekeeping Institute, recipes, diet, and health, as well as literary articles.”

The magazine’s number one gift for teens was a charging hub for your phone, AirPods, watches, or other technology and can hold necessities. A neat way to organize electronics and keep them all in one spot. The hubs are available on Amazon and range from $20-$40.

Number two was a bubble tea set. Bobba has been making the rounds on social media. The unique Taiwan drink has sent Generation Z into a frenzy to try it, and now they want to make their own. The sets are available on Amazon and Walmart with an average price of $50.

Next was the classic Croc. The comfortable shoe is always a favorite for young and old, and they came back into style adding special detail to the trend of VSCO girls. Don’t forget the Jibbitz, too. Crocs are available on the Croc website for $44.99/ Jibbitz are $3.99 each. 

Sensory fidget toys have been circling the internet and have become a special tool for people of all ages. Generally used to aid kids to help in distinguishing the five senses and calming them down, teenagers have been using them to help with anxiety and stress during the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the top toys was a bubble wrap phone case, giving the satisfaction of popping bubbles without the litter. The case also allows for teens to take it wherever they go, making it easier for them to handle high-anxiety social situations. Sensory toys are found everywhere and usually pretty cheap in price. The phone case is found on Amazon for $10.99.

One of the common threads in TikTok videos are a string of lights that look like ivy vines. Influences from all over the world and from different platforms have purchased these lights to create a more versatile work environment. They also add a touch of nature to their life on the screen. The vines are found on Amazon and come in different lengths. The vines with lights sell for $17.99.

Some old trends are coming back in 2020. Teens are falling into a retro style, going thrifting for vintage clothes and taking pictures with Polaroid cameras. They have also fallen in love with vinyls, purchasing record players to listen to their favorite artists in a unique way. 

Finally, with the time the pandemic has given people to stay inside and binge-watch favorite TV shows, a platform called Cameo has offered something special for die-hard fans. Families and friends can purchase short videos of a certain celebrity and they will receive a personalized video message on a given topic. Celebrities have wished fans happy birthday, Merry Christmas, congratulations on graduations, even telling them to go back to studying for finals. Celebrities set their own prices, so videos range from $10-$1000. Most donate their proceeds to charity.