Eat Well And Do Good

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

This year Noodles & Co. partnered with Arrowhead High School to help contribute to the Arrowhead Scholarship Fund. It was called Eat well and do good.  Fifty percent of sales made on Tuesday, December 1 was donated to help fund scholarships at Arrowhead. 


ASF is a non profit organization that provides seniors with scholarships for college, by working with businesses and community organizations. To qualify, the Arrowhead scholarship fund website says that seniors should, “excel in academics, participate in highschool activities, contribute to our community through volunteerism, begin developing work experience, and are leaders among their peers.” 


There was an email sent out on November 23 by Associate Principal, Becky Gordon, giving details about this fundraiser. It was sent to students and staff with an attached link to the flyer that had all the information on it.  


The flyer mentions; to contribute you could order online or go in person to get your meal at the Noodles & Co. restaurant in Pewaukee on Capital Drive. When ordering either online or in-person the coupon code GIVING50 was the code to use before checking out to make sure that your order helped to support Arrowheads scholarship fund. 


Ordering to contribute began at four pm and lasted until eight pm that night. The flyer stated that “50% of qualifying orders December first directly benefit the Arrowhead scholarship fund.” 


There was a similar fundraiser held on October seventh at the beginning of this year that also contributed to the Arrowhead scholarship fund. This was held at the Delafield location of Noodles & Co. on Golf Road where sales directly benefited. But rather than lasting for only four hours this lasted the whole day of October seventh. 


More information about Eat well and do good can be found on the Arrowhead Scholarship fund website. If you didn’t get to contribute this past Tuesday be sure to check the Arrowhead Scholarship fund website to keep up with any new or recent events and news about the scholarship fund. 


Junior Cara Wellentin said, “Not only do I love noodles but I also love helping support the school and seniors with the ASF program.”