UW Madison Hosts Virtual Events For High School Students

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

On November 16th, Angela Rodenkirch, one of Arrowhead high school’s guidance counselors, sent out an email reminding students that on Tuesday, November 17th, and Thursday, November 19th, UW Madison was holding virtual events for juniors and seniors.

The meeting on Tuesday was held at 11 a.m. and the meetings on Thursday was held at 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. They were held at these times to accommodate for students schedules. 

Each meeting was roughly 30 minutes in length, allowing for questions and comments. Meetings were accessed through the UW Madison website.

The meetings were hosted by the UW Madison Admissions Counselors, giving crucial insight for students who are ready to apply to any Wisconsin school. The meetings specifically targeted all Wisconsin students.

At these meetings, students learned about what UW Madison looks for in applicants, how to apply as a freshman or transfer, and where students can find virtual tour information. 

Colleges like UW Madison have uploaded virtual tours to their websites, allowing for students to visit their campus without the worry of contacting the coronavirus. The meetings also provided information about other Zooms that focus on academic majors and programs, as well as campus resources.

If a student missed the live Zoom and was not able to attend, UW Madison recorded all the Zoom conferences for students to look back on. Those meetings are found on the UW Madison website.

Some students have already applied to college and didn’t take any interest in the UW Madison Zooms.

Madison Kane, a senior at Arrowhead, didn’t attend the virtual meetings. “I’m not really looking into schools in Wisconsin. I’ve already applied for colleges out of state,” she says.

The UW Madison Admissions Counselors usually travel from high school to high school giving talks about their colleges in hopes to gather more students interested in their school. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced them to interact with high schools virtually instead of in-person. 

UW Madison’s virtual open house will be on December 3rd, 4th, and 5th. The regular decision deadline is February 1st. Students interested in applying can go through the CommonApp or the UW-System Electronic Application.