Students’ Christmas and Holiday Plans: 2020

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Covid-19 has altered many Americans’ plans for this coming holiday season. With Arrowhead’s extended break, students get to enjoy time at home, but that could be hard on students.

Courtney Laufenberg a junior at Arrowhead said, “For Christmas break, I’m doing a lot of stuff at home. I’m going to watch movies, bake cookies with my family and friends and of course eat them all.”

Logan Block, also a junior at Arrowhead said, “I’m just going to stay in and relax. I mean there isn’t much I can do with Covid-19 so I’m just going to enjoy the break.”

Christmas break starts on Thursday, December 24th and students and staff go back to school Monday, January 4th.

Lauren Webb, a junior at Arrowhead said, “This year my family’s plans have changed almost every week. We are still planning on hosting Christmas at our house but the guest kist is the question. My grandmother usually comes down and stays with us for christmas every year, however, this may be the first year she wouldn’t come down because she doesn’t want to risk the chance of getting Covid. Understandable but it is still sad to break tradition.”

Two of Arrowhead counselors say they understand how this holiday season may be hard on a lot of students. Counselors Stephanie Hopkins and Thomas Stuber are hosting a zoom call on Thursday, November 19th at 5pm for students, staff, and parents. This zoom call discussed Mental Health and the holidays, how stressful it is for students, and ways parents can help and be a support system to their children.  As of now there are no follow up links to watch the zoom.