Yearbook Information Released to Students & Parents

Jordan Miller and Thomas Arndorfer

Jana Danay, Business Ed. Teacher and Yearbook Adviser at Arrowhead High School, sent out an email on November 10th, 2020 to all Arrowhead students, saying “please help the yearbook students out and answer any or ALL of the following that relate to you!”  


Listed in her email are four separate Google Forms, asking questions such as “did you go on a trip this summer or have your summer plans changed because of COVID? Do you love summer travel?” and “did you attend an alternate homecoming?,” along with more specific questions such as “how many vacations/trips did you go on during this past summer?” and “favorite memory from Hoco night?”  


These questions are created to aid the yearbook staff in the making of the 2020-2021 Arrowhead High School yearbook.


On September 11th, 2020, Gregg Wieczorek, principal of Arrowhead High School, said in an email  “The Student Senate met this week to discuss homecoming activities for this year.  Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be able to host a homecoming dance this year.  However, we will still be doing many of the normal homecoming traditional activities during the week of October 2nd through the 8th,” hence the questions pertaining to homecoming.


To answer these questions, students at Arrowhead can find the email sent to them with the title “Questions for Yearbook.”


Ethan Damon, a student at Arrowhead High School, says “I didn’t know there was a yearbook survey, but yeah I would take it because it probably doesn’t take that much time and just because why not.”


Anyone can find more information on the yearbooks by going to Arrowhead High School’s website, hovering over the “About Us” section, clicking on “Celebrating Arrowhead,” 

“Information & Publications,” “Student Publications,” and finally, clicking on “Yearbook.”


To work on a yearbook, students sign up for the yearbook elective course at Arrowhead.  The Arrowhead website states “Students select yearbook as a year-long elective course at AHS and it is advised by Ms. Jana Danay, Business Education Teacher. Yearbook students will gain skills in teamwork, project management, page design, advanced publishing techniques, copywriting, editing, and photography while producing a creative and innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. Students are required to attend events to take photos and document the school year.”