New Skyward Announcements

Lexi Morgan, Reporter

Students at Arrowhead High school may have noticed a few announcements when they logged into the Skyward accounts at the beginning of November. 

The program Arrowhead uses to record grades and communicate with parents and students released student report cards on Wednesday, November 4th.

Parents and students who checked the report cards may have noticed that there were new comments from teachers. 

Teacher comments are not new but some of the comment options are. 

Teachers have been given a list of numbered codes, starting with 001 and ending with 099. Teachers simply input the code that describes the student’s performance in class. For example, code 034 translates to “participates well in class.” 

Some comments can’t capture a student’s performance if they are online full time, so new codes have been added that pertain specifically to virtual students. Code 098 translates to “excellent communication during virtual learning.”

In addition to the new report card comments, parents may have noticed an announcement regarding students’ Covid participation and personal health statement. Parents and students are to virtually sign a document describing they have read the terms of the personal health statement.

The personal health statement discusses symptoms of Covid and describes how Arrowhead isn’t willing to welcome any student or adult into the building who has any of the symptoms. By signing, parents and students understand they will not enter the building if they are feeling ill, and the student will attend school virtually until they are seen as fit to return to in-person.

Arrowhead wants to stay open as long as possible so students can get the best learning experience. By signing the document, parents and students share the same goal as the school.