New Parking Regulations and Enforcements 2020

Alex Stahl, Reporter

Starting 11/9, new parking enforcements are being put into place in order to keep all drivers safe. These new enforcements are being put into place by Matthew Vanderboom, the Arrowhead resource officer.

The new parking rules are mostly due to high ticketing prices to students which according to the new rules are being reduced from $20 a ticket to $10 a ticket.

If you do receive a ticket, under these new rules, you have forty five days to pay off the ticket, and if you do not, according to Vanderbroom, “A Town of Merton municipal citation ($98.80) will be issued.”

If you are a repeat offender of the parking violations, the Town of Merton will also give the offender a municipal citation, which is according to the new information, a ticket by a case by case basis.

According to Vanderboom, “With the new enforcement, the responsibility for parking enforcement is now the sole responsibility of Arrowhead HS. Payment will be collected by Arrowhead HS and it gives the School Resource Officer more flexibility and authority to handle each violation on a case by case basis.”

Since the responsibility is being passed to solely Arrowhead, it reduces the ticketing cost and lets Arrowhead be more involved with student drivers.

Nothing much has changed besides the ticketing prices and who deals with the payments. All the other parking rules stay the same, and students are expected to follow them. 

As Vanderboom said, “For both incoming and current student drivers, I would emphasize how crucial it is for them to stay safe and not violate rules of the road. With probationary driver’s licenses in Wisconsin, the consequences for a traffic violation are greatly enhanced. Always be aware of your surroundings. Many harmless incidents involving high school students attempting to have fun result in a criminal consequence.”