November’s Asynchronous Learning Day

Audrey Grindatti, Reporter

This week, Friday, November 6, is yet again another asynchronous learning day for students at Arrowhead high school. On asynchronous learning days, students stay home and are expected to complete homework and assignments given by their teachers. Teachers will be on campus.


Not only is this a change of pace for students but also teachers, giving them a chance to catch up on grading, reviewing, and stay on top of any work they might have or need to catch up on. 


Social Studies teacher, Ron  Reichle says he thinks these are a great idea. “The one day we had last month I really got a lot done.  It might not show, but I am trying to alter the way I do things at least a little because of the virtual option and this time really helped.” 


Since students aren’t expected to be in their specific class during the scheduled times, students have freedom and flexibility when it comes to getting assignments or projects done. Teachers also have scheduled times that allow students who have questions or that are in need of help to meet and go over anything that may be confusing or just to touch base.” 


An email was sent out on October fifteenth, by Arrowhead’s superintendent, Laura Myrah outlined the seven scheduled asynchronous learning days for the upcoming months. The email was sent out to students, families, and staff members. 


Junior, Cara Wellentin says, “I really enjoy asynchronous learning days, they give me a chance to catch up on things for all of my classes, and it is a nice change of pace from a usual school day.”