Students Plans for Halloween: Covid-19 Edition

Alex Stahl, Reporter

With Halloween on Saturday, October 31st, it is yet again the time for people to go and have fun with friends and family and dress up. It is also a full moon this Hallows Eve, which adds to the spooky excitement spreading across the country.   

With the Covid-19 pandemic, Halloween looks different for many people. The usual get-togethers and parties may not be held in the same way, and many people are doing what they can to stay safe on Halloween while still having fun. 

Jenna Emons, a junior at Arrowhead said, “I’m not going anywhere that would be crowded, like a party or haunted houses. I still don’t actually know but I’m doing a small three group costume, but we aren’t planning on going anywhere yet.” 

Some Haunted Houses are open in the area, Waukesha FearGrounds is an example of a haunted house that is open during this period of time.

Covid cases are rising in Wisconsin, according to the CDC, and following their guidelines can help to keep people safe.

Zachary Barnett, also a junior at Arrowhead said, “I’m planning on only inviting my close friend over and we are planning on staying outside and having a bonfire.”

Trick or Treating is happening in certain places, like in Hartland, Oconomowoc, and the Kettle Moraine. These festivities begin around 6 pm and go until 8 pm. 

Emerson Odeja, a junior at Arrowhead said, “Obviously I’m going to wear a mask trick or treating and I’m only going to hang out with people I see very often and are in my social bubble.”

Because this Halloween looks different compared to other years, students have to alter their plans to adjust to this new normal. Some have changed a lot, like Emons who said, “Normally I would go to a halloween party or haunted house but I can’t this year. I miss haunted houses.”

Some people’s plans have not changed much at all. Like Nolan Carrington, a junior at Arrowhead, who said, “I usually don’t do much for Halloween, so my plans really haven’t drastically changed, it’s kind of nice to just stay at home around close friends.”

No matter what your plans for Halloween are, always remember to have fun and enjoy this spooky holiday, dress in your favorite costume, and stay safe.