Homecoming School Door Decorating Contest

The week of October 5th, Arrowhead high school held a School Door Decorating contest for Homecoming week. As so many activities for Homecoming had to be cancelled this year, Student Senate created something new: a door decorating contest.

As Homecoming week approached, the Door Decorating Contest took off. Students signed up to decorate teacher’s doors for the classrooms in unique ways to take first place.

Students decorated doors after school on Thursday, October 1st and Friday, October 2nd until 6:00 pm.

Teams of students were composed of friends of the same class, and others were clubs whose classroom is the hub of their meetings. Twelve clubs entered the contest in all, with 19 doors decorated collectively.

Arrowhead’s Forensics Club decorated their classroom meeting’s door with a mock crime scene, putting together an entire case file on the outside of the room. 

Student Senate had their door decorated in a space theme, complete with Earth and a red rocket. 

Other classrooms decorated were the foreign language department including Spanish doors covered in colorful paper skulls and sombreros. 

The Food and Nutrition door contained five green aliens and two UFOs, sticking to the space theme that many have run with. 

Social studies teacher and Student Senate faculty advisor, Shanna Hechimovich said, “We would be open to this becoming an annual event! We were happy with the outcome and we think clubs had fun designing and decorating their doors.” 

“Kara Nixdorf, Bella Samz, and Mary Grace Wartman were the student senate members who planned and organized the contest. They did a great job!” she said.