Technology at the Arrowhead Library has changed

Vanessa Laudon, Reporter

The Arrowhead libraries are open each day, from 6:45 am to 3 pm at South Campus and from 6:45 to 4 pm at North Campus for in-person help. New this year is a virtual learning helpline form. Students can fill this out at any point to receive a reply from a staff member. This helps to provide tech support for Arrowhead staff and students. 


Donna Smith, director of library media and technology said, “If this form is completed after school hours, the student may have to wait until regular school hours for a response.” 


The virtual learning hotline form asks a few questions to be able to get technology help such as what the technology issue is that they need help with.


Smith said, “The Arrowhead libraries have always been the hub for educational technology.”


Students can get technology help in the library at any point throughout the school day.  


Smith said, “Most recently the technology advisory committee, led by the directory of library media and technology supported by technology integrators and teacher leaders, proposed goals around all staff using Canvas at a higher level and the possibility of virtual learning days in lieu of snow days.”


The IT staff works the whole year so there is no closing or opening for the technology support program.


Smith said, “With the experiences of virtual learning in the spring and the blended environment this fall, the library has continued to support staff and students with equipment, training resources, and virtual and in-person help.” 


Arrowhead Libraries have always supported technology changes at Arrowhead, Smith said. Arrowhead started using a course management system (Moodle) in 2003. At that point each teacher who wanted a Moodle course had to be a certified online instructor in order to be able to obtain full access to Moodle.


Staff member Ashley Loroff, an Arrowhead staff member said the “Arrowhead library is a great resource for students to use if they need help with technology.” 


Over the years, Arrowhead has transitioned and now all teachers use the LMS Canvas.