Friday Night Lights Are Back…Sort of

Seth Ray and Jacoby Cefalu

Sports are starting to finally get back to normal as on Monday, October 5, Arrowhead Athletic Director, Ryan Mangan, announced Arrowhead will be allowing students into the stands to watch this Friday’s homecoming game versus Mukwonago. 

Approximately 300 students will be let in the game. Students will be required to spread out around the bleachers. Students must be wearing a mask at all times and practice social distancing. 

Spectators are being let in based on a Google Sign-up. Seniors are given the chance to sign up first, then juniors, and so on. Seniors and Juniors received at email with a link to the Google Form sign up where they could sign themselves up to attend the game. If they are admitted into the game, they should receive an email back confirming their participation.

Students across the school are rejoicing at this announcement. Senior Allyson Aicher says, “I can’t wait to attend the game and cheer on our school.”

She continues on to say, “I’m glad the seniors get to have at least one football game to go to.”

Senior football player, Jacob Parsons, says, “I feel like with students being allowed in the games there will be more of a hyped atmosphere.” Parsons also says that he is looking forward to the energetic atmosphere that fans bring.

In an separate email, Athletic Director Ryan Mangan, said, “We hope that we can continue this at future home football games, but that is dependent on many factors including how well this Friday goes regarding student compliance with the necessary guidelines.”

If you are unable to attend the games, you can still show support for our team by wishing them good luck before the games and Arrowhead will have more live streams in the future for students to watch from home.