Anticipated Low Turnout Shuts Down Homecoming Parade


Seth Ray and Jacoby Cefalu

There have been a lot of things cancelled and postponed during this school year, and the Arrowhead Annual Homecoming Parade was added to the list. This event though, was not cancelled due to Covid-19, but to inclement weather and low turn out projections. The parade was scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 4rd from 2-3 PM.  

This year, the parade would have had a twist due to Covid-19. The parade would’ve been “reverse” as people could have driven through Arrowhead campus and the floats would stay stationary. These floats would have been made by athletic teams, groups, and student led clubs.

Arrowhead Senior Aaron Bain says, “It’s a shame that the parade was cancelled, I was looking forward to a fun time.”

Bain said he was saddened by the news of the cancellation. Although the parade was cancelled, many other events surrounding homecoming are still continuing.

Arrowhead social studies teacher and student senate advisor, Shanna Hechimovich, says “At this point there is not [another parade] scheduled for the future but it is definitely a possibility.” 

Another senior student, Dalton Hribar says, “A temporary setback, but a necessary decision for the safety and health of the community.”

With a larger gathering like this one, people may be skeptical about attending due to the increased number in Covid-19 cases. This cancelation not only affects the students and staff putting on and participating in the parade, but the members of the community who would come out and watch the parade.

For any further information regarding the parade and its potential rescheduling, check out the student senate page