College Visits Turn Virtual in 2020


Seth Ray and Jacoby Cefalu

The college admissions process is looking different for this year’s seniors in the age of Covid-19. Colleges across the country have moved to virtual admissions and tours, which also means that no college counselors or military recruiters are allowed to come to Arrowhead during the lunch hours. Arrowhead would host a college fair where representatives from colleges would come to talk to students who are interested in their college. 

During the 2020-2010 school year, seniors will attend meetings via Zoom to get the information they are looking for in their colleges. These meetings will take place virtually after the school day, ranging from 3:00 to 7:00pm. The north campus counselors are constantly updating their web pages so students have more oppurtunities to learn about new colleges and find the best fit for them.

Ann Olson, North Campus Counseling Office Secretary helps coordinate the college visits. 

“…they have gotten really creative in the ways you can interact with the university,” Stephanie Hopkins, a North Campus Counselor, says.

Although current seniors cannot meet with a representative from a university or college  face-to-face, there are still other opportunities to find a school. Many schools in our UW System offer in-person tours of the school, just with a smaller group of people. 

Arrowhead senior Joey Natalizio says, “The virtual admissions helped me visit a greater number of campuses online compared to traveling around in person.”

To see if your college is offering virtual tours, students are encouraged to visit the university’s home page where they can navigate to the admissions page. Students, for the most part, are still able to get on campus and take one-on-one visits to universities. 

Olson says, “Check our page, as it changes daily.” 

If you would like any college related information or need help planning your future career, the Arrowhead counselors said they are always ready to assist with your future.