Arrowhead Offers Lunches for Virtual Students

Dylan Curler-Christenson, Reporter

Arrowhead lunch staff offer lunch pick up for students attending school virtually. Students are able to come in person or send a parent or guardian to come pick up their school lunches. Pickups happen in the lunchroom at south campus. To pick up a lunch, enter via doors C and D. Pick ups take place between 11:30 am and noon.


The lunch provided are sack lunches, consisting of a ham and cheese or turkey and cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit, some vegetables, and a carton of milk. 


There is no signup required for these lunches. Anyone in the district that is 18 and younger are eligible to receive a free lunch. 


Jason Kulick, the Director of the Arrowhead Dining Services, said, “The amount of students that participate in the pickup meals varies day to day. Some parents pick up meals each day and some pickup meals for two or more days depending on their needs.”


Cindy, a lunch lady at south who gives out these virtual lunches, said that on a daily basis she typically gets two or three people come in, getting lunch for a couple days in advance.


This program is paid for by the USDA (Federal Government). All lunches are provided at no cost until December 31st or until funds run out.