Arrowhead Coffee Shop Open for Business


Olivia Bartman, Reporter

The Arrowhead High School coffee shop is open for business for the 2020-2021 school year.  Hot drinks are available for purchase starting at 6:45 am.  The shop closes at 11:06 am normally, and 10:55 am on Wednesdays.  The coffee shop is located in room 190 at North Campus.


AHS teacher Eileen Dlobik currently runs the coffee shop. She says it was started in 2011 by former Arrowhead teacher Jean Henschel to “teach students job and life skills.”  


“Many students learn best by doing hands-on experience,” says Dlobik. 


Products available in the coffee shop include Stone Creek coffee, hot chocolate, apple cider, chai tea, and lattes.  Pumpkin spice drinks will soon be available for the autumn months.  A variety of snacks can be purchased for one dollar.  


In past years, up to fifteen students per period were allowed to spend their study halls in the coffee shop.  Students could enjoy drinks while working on homework or talking with friends.  Now, due to Covid-19 rules, students are able to enter the coffee shop to order but cannot stay.  Instead, students should go to a study hall or lunch where they can enjoy their drink while practicing social distancing.


Staff members at North Campus are able to request drinks for delivery by calling (x2190) and providing their room number.  A barista will bring the order directly to the teacher’s classroom.


Senior Lauren Elmergreen works in the coffee shop during her third hour study hall. She became a barista after responding to an email from Dlobik asking for students to help in the coffee shop.  She started training this year by observing other staff members make drinks for customers.  


Dlobik said, “We learn how to communicate with customers in a positive way, give correct change…do inventory, [shop] for supplies, and [work] as a team.” 


“I learn customer service skills which can help with working with people.  I would consider being a barista in college,” Elmergreen said.  


She recommends that students stop by the coffee shop.  “The atmosphere [is] quiet and calming,” said Elmergreen.  “You know you want coffee.  It’s affordable and good quality here.”


Students interested in becoming a barista should inquire within the coffee shop.