Things that had to be Changed This Year

Dylan Curler-Christenson, Reporter


Due to the continued spread of the coronavirus, this Arrowhead school year is turning out to be very different from previous years. Unlike Spring of 2019, students have the choice to either be back in the school building, or attend their classes virtually, if they so desire.


Anyone in the building is required to wear a face covering at all times, in order to prevent the spread of the virus. All the water fountains, at both North and South, are closed off, the sole exceptions being the fountains by the offices to fill water bottles. 


Lunch has also changed. At each table, every other seat is taped off, so there are a maximum of six students per table. At South, all school lunch is premade and put into a carryout box. At both of the campuses, the gym is open for additional seating.


South Campus English teacher, Ryan Andrews, said to accommodate social distancing guidelines in his classroom, he has spread all the desks in his classroom apart. He’s also removed activities that require moving around the classroom and some group projects that would require students to talk face to face. 


His take away from everything that has happened is that “Life is fragile. Cherish each day because you never know what is coming around the bend.”


South Campus Biology teacher, Greg Bisbee, says he has had to change a lot of things in his class to accommodate social distancing guidelines.


Bisbee said, “This is normally a lab based class…and we can’t do labs. That means that every unit has to be re-written to try and compensate for the lack of lab activities.” 


Bisbee’s takeaway from everything that has happened is that “You just have to roll with the punches” 


Sophomore Micheal Stadler said most of his classes and clubs were not affected too drastically, besides having to wear a mask, and not being able to do any labs in his biology class. 


Stadler is in two after school clubs, Mock Trial and ESports. While Mock Trial was not affected much by having to social distance, he says ESports has changed significantly, with the club being spread out between 3 different rooms to make social distancing easier.